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Universal 5-Axis Machining Center FIDIA D218/ BSH

X-travel: 2000mm, y-travel: 1000mm, z-travel: 800mm, B-travel: 24° to -102°, C-travel: 180° to -177°, rotational speed: 300-30000/min, rapid traverse: 20m/min, acceleration: 3m/s², working table ...

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Oil Mist Eliminator 3NINE CLARA 1000

Airflow: 1000m³/h, operational temperature: 5-50°C, height: 1145mm, weight: 55kg, number of available eliminators: 15.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Multi Blade Circular Saw PAUL K34G / 800

Working width: 800mm, main saw diameter: 75mm, main saw motor power: 37kW, including automatic plate infeed and strip unloading.

New: 1994

Innovac GmbH
Radial Drilling Machine CSEPEL RFh 75/2000

Rotational speed: 19-1900U/min, feed rate: 0.047-2mm/U, vertical boom adjustment: 950mm, drilling spindle stroke: 380mm, horizontal drilling spindle stroke: 440-2000mm, length: 322mm, width: 1130mm, h...

New: 1975

Innovac GmbH
Lathe KNUTH DL 465/3000 B

Rotational speed: 6-800/min, max. swing over bed/ support/ bridge: 930/ 650/ 1100mm, longitudinal/ cross feed: 0.1-24.3/ 0.05-12.15mm/U, longitudinal/ cross rapid traverse: 4000mm/min, length: 5390mm,...

New: 2011

Innovac GmbH
Roller Coating Machine BÜRKLE SLC 400

Working width: 400mm max, working height: 900mm, workpiece length: 350mm min., workpiece height: 3-100mm, max. workpiece weight: 250kg, feed rate: 8-25m/min, applying roller dimensions: 516x238mm, cir...

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Glass Plate Washing Machine GTA WM 130 VB3 DDS

Glass plate dimensions: 210x100-1300x2-18mm, speed: 2-10m/min, support height: 850mm, brush diameter: 140mm, transport rolls diameter/ distance: 60/ 105mm, length: 6150mm, width: 2200mm, height: 1400m...

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Glass Cutting Machine CMS

Workpiece dimensions: 50-6000x50-3210mm.

New: 2012

Innovac GmbH
Side Sealing Machine STIEGLER S 1050 S

PE/ PP flat bag loose/ blocked: 200-1090x90-600mm/ 180-1000x120-550mm, PE/ PP flap bag loose/ blocked: 200-545x140-600mm/ 1000x120-550mm, control: SCHAD Sintec BCF 2.

New: 1996

Innovac GmbH
PE Bag Making Machine AMS ST 2/3 900

PE bag dimensions: 200-500x140-300mm, vertical bag/ flat bag length: 900mm, connected load: 30kVA, control: LAUER PCS 095 plus.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Wave Soldering System ERSA EWS 330

Working width: 330mm, workpiece weight: 390kg max., exhaust stack diameter: 150mm, exhaust volume: 400-800m³/h, operational voltage: 400V, compressed air supply: 6-8bar, connected load: 19.5kW, lengt...

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Selective Solder System INERTEC ELS 3.3 Batch

Max. PCB format: 500x500mm, solder wave: 3-30mm, solder bath: 40-50kg, max. solder bath temperature: 350°C, length: 2250mm, width: 1100mm, height: 1800mm, weight: 800kg, including fluxer, pre-heat an...

New: 2009

Innovac GmbH
Thermoformer GEA CFS PowerPak NT620

Output: 8-9cycles/min, bottom web width: 622mm, foil width: 620mm, max. draw depth: 150mm, forming system: thermoforming lid, thermoforming lid: 150-450mm, length: 11795mm, width: 1510mm, height: 2015...

New: 2012

Innovac GmbH
Column Drilling Machine FLOTT SB 23 ST

Quill stroke: 160mm, drilling capacity steel: 23mm, swing: 300mm, rotational speed: 180-1400/min, table dimensions: 410x370mm, max. table spindle distance: 600mm, length: 1100mm, width: 500mm, height:...

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Column Drilling Machine ALZMETALL AB 4 SJ

Dilling capacity steel/ cast iron: 35/45mm, rotational speed: 40-720/min, feed: 0.09-0.28mm/r, spindle stroke: 180mm, max. spindle table distance: 770mm, swing: 345mm, round table diameter: 560mm, len...

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Glass Cutting Machine HEGLA Optimax 3226

Workpiece dimensions: 760-3210x450-2550x2.2-12mm, speed: 120m/min.

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Glass Cutting Machine HEGLA Optimax 3225 S

Workpiece dimensions: 50-2250x50-3210mm.

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Screen Printer FLEISCHLE SHM2-100120

Workpiece dimensions: 105-750x405-110x3-8mm, compressed air supply: 6-8bar, weight: 1.1t.

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Screenprinter ESC JUMBO-GLASS

Workpiece dimensions: 250-2050x200-850x3-8mm, working height: 1200mm, length: 3500mm, width: 1900mm, height: 1450mm, weight: 1.5t.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Glass Washing Machine DEMAN TPWM-WAMA2100-3B-3L

Working width: 2000mm, weight: 2.2t.

New: 2010

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