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CNC Wire Eroding Machine FANUC TAPE CUT-W2

X-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 350mm, max. workpiece dimensions: 450x 650x300mm, max. table load: 350kg, controls: FANUC OMC 32, operational hours: ca. 45.000h, including water recycling plant.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
CNC Milling Machine MAHO MH 600E

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 450mm, z-travel: 450mm, controls: MAHO 432, operational hours: ca. 25.000h, including tool cones and tools.

New: 1991

Innovac GmbH
Precision Surface and Profile Grinding Machine BLOHM PROFIMAT 412

X-travel: 1300mm, y-travel: 700mm, z-travel: 320mm, grinding length: 1200mm, grinding width: 400mm, table dimensions: 1200x400mm, controls: SIEMENS 840D, length: 3800mm, width: 5800mm, height: 2850mm,...

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Block Heating Plant MDE ME 3042 LH1

There are two identical block heating plants available, electrical power: 323kW, thermal power: 485kW, operational hours machine 1/ 2: ca. 16,000h/ 19,000h, power plants were regularly maintained.

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
Mixer HUBBES HEF-500 P

For laquers, colours and plaster, capacity: 500l, top/ bottom container diameter: 1000/ 800mm, wall thickness: 4mm, connected load: 1.5kW, height: 800mm.

New: 1993

Innovac GmbH
Storage Tank ULLMANN & CO

Capacity: 25,000l, max. overpressure: without pressure, operational temperature: 20°C/ CIP85.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Labelling Machine GERNEP LABETTA 8/6/28 1056 2A

Output: 5000-35,000 bottles/h, connected load: 8kW, length: 3000mm, width: 2300mm, height: 2200mm, weight: 4.9t.

New: 2014

Innovac GmbH
Rotary Capping Machine ZALKIN CA4 300

Output: 2500-6000 bottles/h, with Cap Distributor ZALKIN U 500.

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
Gravimetric Dosing Unit K-TRON SODER K-CL-KQX2

Reduction: 16.3:1.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Digital Linear Scale Counter MITUTOYO KA Counter

Number of axis: 3, max. input frequency: 2m/s, connected load: 25VA, ambient temperature: 0-45°C, humidity: 20-80%, display unit including 2x linear scale 1300mm and 1x linear scale 1000mm, unused an...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Automatic Pallet Cover Cutting Machine WEIMER DE-1

Output: 250-300 covers/h, length: 9000mm, width: 9000mm.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Drilling and Milling Center WOTAN B90 T

Machine bed dimensions: 2200x800mm, bed slide: 900x900mm, clamping table dimensions: 1100x1250mm, cross slied: 520x250mm, length: 4350mm, width: 3200mm, height: 3000mm, weight: 10t, documentation avai...

New: 1967

Innovac GmbH
Label Die Cutting Machine ASHE 410 OPAL DUPLEX

Working width: 410mm, including web edges controls, without inspector, available after April 2019.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Label Die Cutting Machine ASHE 410 OPAL

Working width: 410mm, including web edges controls, without inspector, available after April 2019.

New: 2010

Innovac GmbH
Side Sealing Machine DM PACK STAR EVO 500IT

Sealing bars width: 500mm, max. product width: 400mm, max. product height: 300mm, output: 20-30 products/min, film width: 650mm, reel diameter: 300mm, connected load: 4kW, working height: 900mm, conve...

New: 2018

Innovac GmbH
CNC Machining Center DECKEL MAHO DMC 60 U

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 700mm, z-travel: 600mm, max. rotational speed: 12,000/min, max. toolo diameter: 160mm, max. tool length: 350mm, max. tool weight: 10kg, max. table load: 600kg, controls: HEI...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH

X-travel: 1097mm, z-travel: 320mm, rotational speed: 18-3600mm, turning length: 1000mm, swing over bed/ plane guide: 680/ 455mm, spindle head diameter: 220mm, number of tool stations: 12, controls: HE...

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Continous Rotary Agitator WÖHR Jumbo 3000

Output: 30t/h, compressed air supply: 0.2m³/h, height: 5151mm, weight: 15t.

New: 1982

Innovac GmbH

There are two identical cranes available, span: 17.460mm, main/ auxilary hoist load: 50/ 16t, weight: 40.9t.

New: 1991

Innovac GmbH
High Pressure Boiler STANDARDKESSEL

Output: 12t steam/ h, max. operational pressure: 16bar, heating surface: 432m².

New: 1994

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