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Injection Moulding Machine DEMAG D 650-7000 NC 3

Closing force: 6500kN, tie bar distance: 900x900mm, mould opening: 930mm, mould height: 500-1200mm, shot volume: 4090cm³, shot weight: 3650g, screw diameter: 110mm, injection pressure: 1710bar, conne...

New: 1994

Innovac GmbH

Volume flow: 0.90m³/min, max. working pressure: 10bar, length: 580mm, width: 520mm, height: 950mm, weight: 160kg, operational hours: ca. 44.000h, load hours: ca. 28.000h, Compressor was regularly mai...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Air Pressure Tank BAUER ZU 24/227

Capacities: 6000l, max. overpressure: 11bar.

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Refrigerant Dryer DONALDSON Ultrafilter DC 0850 AX

Volume flow: 850m³/h, power: 1.6kW.

New: 2015

Innovac GmbH
Contact Cooled Rotary Screw Air Compressor INGERSOLL RAND Nirvana VSD R45N-A 10

Working pressure: 4.5-10bar, power: 45kW, volume flow: 6.46-7.42m³/min, length: 1947mm, width: 1114mm, height: 1607mm, weight: 776kg, operational hours: ca. 33.000h.

New: 2013

Innovac GmbH
Grill Stick Wrapping Machine MIVEG MASTER KK2006

Max. output: 600sticks/h, stick length: 150-355mm.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Planing Machine BOEHRINGER

Table dimensions: 3500x1200mm, length: 6500mm, width: 3000mm, height: 2600mm, weight: 15t.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Shelve Loading System LÜTZENKIRCHEN 4008 S

There are two systems available: (1) compartment length: 800mm, compartment width: 640mm, variable compartment height: 500mm, variable number of compartment: 54, max. bay load: 2t, loading machine loa...

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH

Turning length: 1150mm, chuck diameter: 400mm, swing over bed: 700mm, max. turning diameter: 520mm, bed slide travel: 1640mm, spindle head size: 11, spindle bore: 103/ 78mm, spindle diameter: 150mm, r...

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Engraving Machine RÖLTGEN Marktronic 2068

Engraving area: 100x75mm, max. workpiece hardness: 60 HRC, magnetic clamping late: SAV 243.01, clamping surface dimensions: 150x300mm, pneumatic depth marking through graver/ lathe center.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Hydraulic Metal Spinning Machine M&M F350 EL

Operational hours: ca. 5300h.

New: 1981

Innovac GmbH
Welding Fume Extraction NEDERMANN FilterMax C25

Filterung: 99-99,9%, Filterfläche: 4x13m², Volumenstrom: 1500-3000m³/h, Motorleistung: 3kW, Betriebsstunden: ca. 24.000h, Lüfter-Motor wurde 2017 getauscht, inklusive Schalldämpfer, Funkenfalle, ...

New: 2011

Innovac GmbH
FFV Thermoformer ERCA RK3

Cup format: 2x 6x125-150g, punch pattern: x2, x4, x6 (63x63mm), output 150/ 125g: 18000/ 21000cups/h, compressed air supply: 131Nm³/h, controls: SIEMENS SPS, including spare parts.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH

Bed length: 1400mm, turning length: 1000mm, face plate diameter: 420mm, with accessories.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Punching Machine NOVOPRESS HSTL 880

Max. punching force: 135kN, max. stroke: 80mm, max. compressed air supply: 150bar, including tools.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Column Radial Drilling Machine KOLB NKR 50/2500

Drilling capacity steel/ cast iron: 55/ 70mm, max. jib length: 2500mm, rotational speed: 34-1500/min, feed rate: 0.07-3mm/U, weight: 8t.

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Tool Presetter MESSMA KELCH 111

Without accessories.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
CNC Punching Machine MUBEA VP 1000

Max. punching force: 1000kN, jib length: 620mm, controls: ESWO.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
CNC Lathe MAZAK Quick Turn 28 N

X-travel: 200mm, z-travel: 1020mm, max. swing: 510mm, turning diameter: 320mm, turning length: 1010mm, rotational speed: 30-3000/min, number of tool slots: 8, outer tool dimensions: 25x25x150mm, max. ...

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Universal Milling and Drilling Machine DECKEL FP 50 CC/T

X-travel: 1200mm, y-travel: 600mm, z-travel: 500mm, working/ NC-rotary table dimensions: 1600x675/ 800mm, max. working/ NC-rotary table load: 2000/ 1000kg, number/ width/ distance of T-grooves: 10-11/...

New: 1991

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