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Bed Milling Machine DROOP & REIN FSM 1400 D30 KF

X-travel: 2800mm, y-travel: 1400mm, z-travel: 1250mm, milling spindle rotational speed: 40-20000/min, spindle motor power: 30kW, swing: 1500mm, max. table load: 14t, T-groove clamping table dimensions...

New: 1985

Innovac GmbH
Bed Milling Machine DROOP & REIN FSM 1255 DA30 KC

X-travel: 2800mm, y-travel: 1400mm, z-travel: 1250mm, high speed spindle: DEPO M 23, milling spindle rotational speed: 40-3150/min, high speed head rotational speed: 10000/min, spindle motor power: 30...

New: 1989

Innovac GmbH
Drilling Machine ALZMETALL ABOMAT 35

Dilling capacity steel/ cast iron/ steel St 60: 45/ 60/ 60mm, rotational speed: 40-2500/min, rapid traverse: 4.75m/min, drilling sledge stroke: 700mm, swing: 330mm, spindle table distance: 190-890mm, ...

New: 1994

Innovac GmbH
Milling Machine KLOPP 13/1

X-travel: 1000mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 500mm, length: 2000mm, width: 2000mm, height: 2000mm, weight: 2.5t.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Milling Machine INDUMA Intermas

X-travel: 1000mm, y-travel: 300mm, z-travel: 500mm, including new transformer.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Profile Machining Center URBAN AP 3000 F

X-travel: 3000mm, y-travel: 220mm, z-travel: 300mm, number of tool slots: 8, control: Heidenhein TNC 315, weight: 2.1t.

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Lathe WEILER DZ 32

Max. turning diameter: 100mm, number of tool slots: 16, control: SIEMENS 840D, including Bar Loader IRCO PROFImat 42.8 196.8: max. bar diameter: 40mm, max. bar length: 3000mm.

New: 1996

Innovac GmbH

Table dimensions: 630x430mm, pressing force: 40t, max. sheet thickness: 8mm, stroke speed: 60-90/min, ram stroke: 8-88mm, ram adjustment: 63mm, including coiler, straightener and feeder.

New: 1969

Innovac GmbH
Shredder WEBARIA G5 360

With motor AEG AM 112 M74, was used for shredding plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

New: 1991

Innovac GmbH
Vertical Bag Sleever COMAG SL 65

Format: 1l plastic bottles, output: 2400bottles/h.

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Double Edging Sanding Machines SCHIATTI BFT 8 MINI/ BFP 12

There are five machines available: (1) SCHIATTI BFT 8 MINI: workpiece width: 130-1200mm, workpiece strength: 3-8mm, working height: 900mm, length: 6640mm, width: 2350mm, height: 1950mm, year of constr...

New: 1998

Innovac GmbH
Flat Glass Washing Machine BUXTRUP WH 1000.3

Glass plate dimensions: 300-1000x60-1000x3-6mm, working height: 900mm, length: 7000mm, width: 2000mm.

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant FALK DRUCKteck print 750

Connected laod: 3kW, inlet: 5x 2.5mm², control: RO 1000, length: 2580mm.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Decating Machine SPEROTTO MULTIDECAT M-D 1900

Working width: 1900mm, decatizing cylinder diameter: 1200mm.

New: 1981

Innovac GmbH
Production Turning Machine INDEX ABC

Max. rotational speed: 6000/min, torque: 105-145Nm, number of tool slots revolver 1/ revolver 2: 8/ 6, tool system DIN 69880: 25mm, sledge stroke: 90mm, feed force: 5500Nm, max. rapid traverse x-trave...

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Eccentric Press MÜLLER Exp 45

Pressing force: 45t, stroke: 4-80mm.

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Eccentric Press EBU SK 100 FU

Pressing force: 100t, stroke: 20-140mm.

New: 1969

Innovac GmbH
Eccentric Press EBU SK 50

Pressing force: 50t, stroke: 80-120mm.

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Press Brake TRUMPF TrumaBend S 175-30

Pressing force: 1750kN, max. press length: 3050mm, max. back gauge: 900mm, oil capacity: 350l, available after end of 2018.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Press Brake SAFAN VSK 50x2050

Pressing force: 500kN, max. press length: 2050mm, max. stroke: 100mm, max. back gauge: 650mm, oil capacity: 125l.

New: 1980

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