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CNC Milling Machine DECKEL FP 4 A

X-travel: 560mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 390mm, tool mount: SK 40 DIN 2080, connected load: 4kW, controls: DECKEL DIALOG 11, weight: 2.6t.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Filling Machine WÜMA APOLLO

For drinks with or without CO2, operational pressure: 8bar, capacity: 57l, operational temperature: 20°C.

New: 1979

Innovac GmbH
Rotary Transfer Machine KNEISSLER KE 12/180

Indexing plate slots: 12, chuck diameter: 3x 8mm, 1x 6mm, controls: SIEMENS COROS OP15, pneumatic feeder with additional hydraulic clamping, cam-controlled units, cut-off saw with circular saw blade, ...

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
CNC Lathe MAZAK Multiplex 620 MARK II

Turning diameter: 260mm, rotational speed: 5000/min, number of tool slots: 2x12, 3-jaw power chuck: KITAGAWA B 208, max. clamping force: 84kN, controls: MAZAK MAZATROL T PLUS, weight: 8.6t, with gantr...

New: 1994

Innovac GmbH
Abrasive Flow Machine DYNETICS Dynaflow Process HL 30

Piston diameter: 80mm, working height: 990mm, length: 1700mm, width: 1700mm, height: 2300mm, weight: 1.4t, cooling defective.

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Injection Moulding Machine KRAUSS MAFFEI KM200-1000C2

Closing force: 2000kN, distance between tie-bars: 630x560mm, opening stroke: 700mm, mould height: 350mm, mold centering diameter: 160mm, screw diameter: 55mm, specific injection pressure: 1900bar, max...

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Screw Compressor ALUP SCK 15-10

Volumen flow: 1510m³/min, compression pressure: 10bar, connected load: 11kW, was regularly maintained by the manufacturer.

New: 2000

Innovac GmbH
Screw Compressor ALUP SCK 42-10-S0

Volumen flow: 275m³/min, compression pressure: 10bar, connected load: 30kW, was regularly maintained by the manufacturer.

New: 2003

Innovac GmbH
Film Wrapping Machine FEV TE 600

Max. product dimensions: 1200x630x90mm, connected load: 2.1kW, compressed air supply: 6-12bar.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Cold Sterilisation Unit LANXESS Velcorin DT Touch

Container volume: 3l, was overhauled in 2018.

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Rinsing Machine WINTERHALTER GR 66/1

Rinsing time: 15min/batch, tank volume: 125l, rinsing basket dimensions: 1260x700mm, insertion height: 830mm, connected load: 18kW, length: 850mm, width: 1380mm, height: 1770mm.

New: 2003

Innovac GmbH
Horizontal Bag Filling Machine TEVOPHARM TYPE PACK VI FLOWPACK

Output: 50-100products/min, max. sealing temperature: 350°C, connected load: 2kVA, without format parts and documentation.

New: 1975

Innovac GmbH

Max. converter power: 100kW, workpiece rotational speed: 150-560/min, max. workpiece dimensions at one/ two workpieces: 300/ 100mm, max. workpiece length: 900mm, max. table load: 20kg, cooling water c...

New: 2014

Innovac GmbH
Lathe HEYLIGENSTAEDT Heycop 2/2000

Center height: 300mm, center distance: 2000mm, machine is fully functional.

New: 1960

Innovac GmbH
Injection Moulding Machine ARBURG Allrounder 270 M 500-90

Cylinder fitting diameter: 25mm, closing force: 500kN, heating output: 3.46kW, connected load: 18.8kW, weight: 1.8t.

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Hydraulic Piston Press HERRHAMMER HKP-1000/100

Strand thickness: 12-100mm, compressed air supply: 6bar, compressed air consumption: 20NL/min, connected load: 40kW, weight: 6.7t, including various calibres and moulds.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH
Laser Cutting Machine TRUMPF TruLaser 5060

Lasertype: TruFlow 6000, laser power: 6000W, x-travel: 6000mm, y-travel: 2000mm, max. table load: 4800kg, max. speed: 300m/min, max. sheet thickness mild steel/ stainless steel/ aluminium: 25/ 25/ 16m...

New: 2009

Innovac GmbH
Gantry Crane VETTER PA10-5,0

There are two identical cranes available, max. load capacity: 1t, max. lifting speed: 1-4m/min, width: 5510mm, height: 4000mm, weight: 376kg, machines were scarcely used.

New: 2017

Innovac GmbH
High Temperature Chamber Furnace THERMCONCEPT HTK 70/16

Max. temperature: 1600°C, inside dimensions: 400x400x400mm, capacity: 65l, length: 1160mm, connected load: 18kW, length: 755mm, width: 1020mm, height: 1710mm, weight: 545kg, machine was scarcely used...

New: 2018

Innovac GmbH
Chamber Furnace THERMCONCEPT KC 128/13

Max. temperature: 1300°C, inside dimensions: 500x500x500mm, capacity: 125l, length: 1160mm, connected load: 15kW, length: 1050mm, width: 880mm, height: 1620mm, weight: 300kg, machine was scarcely use...

New: 2015

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