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CAD/ CAM 5-Axis Milling and Grinding Machine KAVO Everest engine

X-travel: 250mm, y-travel: 100mm, z-travel: 70mm, A-travel: 360°, B-travel: 240°, rotational speed: 5000-80.000/min, length: 1040mm, width: 890mm, height: 1432mm, weight: 280kg.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Cross Cutting Machine MW HYDRAULIC PROTOS 911 K

Connected load: 2kW, control: SIEMENS SIMATIC PANEL, machine was used for crosscutting polyamid belts.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Perforating Machine VOGEL K0

Was used for perforating polyamid, can also be used for other materials like leather.

New: 2014

Innovac GmbH
CNC 5-Axis Machining Center DMG DMC 60U High Dyn

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 700mm, z-travel: 600mm, C-travel: 360°, B-travel: 180°, spindle mount: SK40, rotational speed: 20-12000/min, number of tool slots: 60, max. tool diameter/ length: 280/ 350...

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Lathe OPTIMUM D 420x1000

Center height: 210mm, center distance: 1000mm, swing over bed/ sledge/ in bed bridge: 420/ 250/ 590mm, turning length: 260mm, rotational speed: 45-1800/min, spindle cone: MK 6, spindle bore: 52mm, bed...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Double Column Press WEINGARTEN DE 200.15

Nominal force: 2000kN, stroke speed: 30-90/min, ram stroke: 30-160mm, ram adjustment: 110mm, controls: SIEMENS SIMATIC OP17, machine was overhauled in 2014, including feeder, staightening machine and ...

New: 1977

Innovac GmbH
Draw Frame RIETER RSB D30

With can changer, can dimensions: 500x1200mm.

New: 1998

Innovac GmbH
Carding Machine SCHUBERT & SALZER KU-12-4011

There are six machines available: 4x SCHUBERT & SALZER KU-12-4011/ 2x SCHUBERT & SALZER KU-12: working width: 1500mm, output: 65kg/h, with fluff feed, for processing of cotton and synthetic fibre, yea...

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Compressors ATLAS COPCO GA110/ GA200

There are three compressors available: (1) 2x ATLAS COPCO GA110: max. working pressure: 7.5bar, power: 110kW, volume flow: 18.78m³/min, rotational speed: 1485/min, length: 2570mm, width: 1520mm, heig...

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Lathe COLCHESTER Mastiff 1400

Rotational speed: 18-1400/min, center height: 270mm, turning length: 2000mm, swing: 810mm, turning diameter: 89mm, weight: 2.65t.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Universal Machine STEPHAN UM 60 E

Max. batch size: 45l, max. hopper capacity: 60l, output: 12-240l/h, operational temperature: 95°C, weight: 250kg.

New: 2009

Innovac GmbH

Hopper capacity: 150l, sausage filling capacity: 45-100kg, length: 1500mm, width: 780mm, height: 1320mm, weight: 450kg.

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Mixing and Filling Machine STEINER, HÖFELMEYER

Mixing and filling machine with automatic weighing HÖFELMEYER, range: 0.04-6kg, suitable for emulsions as well, with two pneumatic valves and controls HÖFELMEYER.

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
CNC Punching Machine TRUMPF TRUMATIC 5000 R-1300

X-travel: 2500mm, y-travel: 1250mm, max. sheet thickness: 8mm, max. punching force: 220kN, max. table load: 200kg, rapid traverse x/ y-travel: 100/ 60m/min, C-travel rotational speed: 330/min, stroke ...

New: 2002

Innovac GmbH
Welding Cell KUKA VKR C1

Number of clamping surfaces: 2, with current source KUKA KPU 400 S.

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Compressor ATLAS COPCO GA 110

Max. working pressure: 7.5bar, power: 110kW, volume flow: 18.78m³/min, rotational speed: 1485/min, length: 2570mm, width: 1520mm, height: 1980mm.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine ELMA T 1040/ WLT

Tub dimensions: 500x300x445mm, cleaning agents pH: 2-12, max. connected load: 4kVA, length: 2900mm, width: 750mm, height: 1870mm, with 2x ultra sonic bath, 2x heating bath and dryer.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Tilting Machine VENTZKI NHE 305-S

Fork height above ground: 85mm, tilting angle: 95°, max. load: 2t, drive: electro hydraulic, voltage: 380V, machine is as good as new.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
CNC 4-Axis Machining Center IMA BIMA 610

X-travel: 3000mm, y-travel: 1200mm, z-travel: 100mm, C-travel: 360°, boring spindles/ main spindle rotational speed: 9000/ 18000/min, spacing: 32mm, number of spindles in x/ y direction: 5/ 7, tool d...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH

Working width: 330mm, including various accessories, spindles and blades.

New: 1988

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