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Innovac GmbH
Shrink Tunnel HUGO BECK SL 712/ 50

Voltage: 380V, connected load: 12-15kW, including roller conveyor.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Eccentric Press STANKO KO 134

Overrun time: 386ms, overrun time: 78mm, safety distance: 650mm.

New: 1980

Innovac GmbH
Lathe STANKO 1K 62

Center height: 200mm, max. workpiece dimensions over bed: 400mm, max. swing over support: 220mm, max. bar diameter: 45mm, max. turning length: 1000mm, rotational speed: 12.5-2000/min, feed rate x/ y-t...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Milling Machine TOS FNGJ 32

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, table dimensions: 790x400mm, rotational speed: 63-3150/min, weight: 2t.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Lathe TOS SN 63 B

Distance between the centers: 3700mm, bed length: 4000mm.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH

There are two machines available: X-travel: 230mm, z-travel: 500mm, max. bar capacity diameter: 50mm, max. swing/ over bed: 320mm, center distance: 1250mm, rotational speed: 35-4750/min, number of too...

New: 1998

Innovac GmbH
Vertical Balancing Machine TIRA KV 15

Max. rotor weight: 15kg, max. rotor diameter: 250mm, max. rotor height: 300mm, balancing rotational speed: 200-1500/min, drilling unit: SEHNER BEM12, max. drilling diameter steel/ aluminium: 12/ 16mm,...

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Press Brake WEINBRENNER EGP 80/1600

Max. pressing force: 800kN, working length: 1600mm, stroke: 160mm, hydraulic pressure: 255bar, stopping time: 120ms, security distance: 192mm, weight: 8t, the control is defective.

New: 1989

Innovac GmbH
Demineralisation System AW-ELECTRONIC

Output: 1m³/h, residual conductivity: <10µS/cm.

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
Semi Automatic Extrusion Profile Packing Machine CMF-MORETTO

Min. profile length: 1500mm, profile diameter: 100-160mm, extrusion head diameter/ oval: 120-230/ 250x140mm, speed: 25-30m/min, film thickness: 20-40µm, material: polyethylene, the film is produced w...

New: 2011

Innovac GmbH
Laser Cutting Machine TRUMPF TruLaser 2030

X-travel: 3000mm, y-travel: 1250mm, z-travel: 115mm, max. table load: 470kg, max. speed: 170m/min, laser power: 2000W, length: 11400mm, width: 5500mm, height: 2750mm, weight: 15.1t.

New: 2007

Innovac GmbH
CNC 5-Axis Rotary Transfer Grinder ITM 2020-4/ 2020-6

There are two machines available: ITM 2020-4 and ITM 2020-6: X-travel: 400mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 300mm, A-travel: 360°, U-travel: 180°, power: 28kW, control: FANUC, weight: 5t.

New: 2003

Innovac GmbH
KEG Internal Cleaning and Filling Machine M+F KEG-TECHNIK MICROMAT M 4/2

Control: SPS S5-95-U, in 2002 the machine was rebuild to bottle vegetable oil products.

New: 1996

Innovac GmbH
Universal Milling and Drilling Machine DECKEL FP 42 NC

X-travel: 1170mm, y-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 370mm, rotational speed: 25-2500/min, feed rate: 2-3600mm/min, rapid traverse: 4000mm/min, quill stroke: 80mm, spindle cone: SK40, angle table dimensions: ...

New: 1986

Innovac GmbH
Vertical Internal Thread Cutting Machine INFRATIREA MFIV-16

Thread cutting length: 48-68mm, main spindle stroke: 20-80mm, spindle column guide distance: 280mm, max. spindle table distance: 500mm, clamping surface dimensions: 355x450mm, number/ width of T-groov...

New: 1972

Innovac GmbH
Devider Rounder KEMPER TWIN STAR

Maschine is double rowed.

New: 1994

Innovac GmbH
Universal Milling and Drilling Machine MIKRON WF 21 C/ 155

X-travel: 400mm, y-travel: 400mm, z-travel: 400mm, quill stroke: 110mm, table load: 350kg, rotational speed: 31.5-3150/min.

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Pressure Welding Machine DALEX NIEPENBERG PMS 22-1

Elektrode pressure: 1-118kp, connected load: 150kVA, weight: 850kg.

New: 1968

Innovac GmbH
Pressure Welding Machine MASING KIRKHOF MG 23/ 1R-100.2

Nominal power: 100kVA, weight: 700kg, including controls.

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH
Column Drilling Machine WEBO GRADUA 60

Drilling spindle stroke: 300mm, height adjustment: 1000mm, stroke speed: 2800mm/min, rotational speed: 56-1250/min, feed rate: 0.06-0.84mm/U, length: 1600mm, width: 1000mm, height: 3400mm, weight: 4t....

New: unknown

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