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Exhaust System Disa Nordfab T 0.56

1. exhaust fan: air flow: 5000Nm³/h, Ptot/Pa: 2700, fan speed min/max: 2900/3500rpm, fan power: 6.9kW, engine power: 7.5kW. 2. exhaust fan: air flow: 13660Nm³/h, Ptot/Pa: 3000, fan speed min/max: 19...

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Tube Welding Machine Bielomatik HV - 493

Hydraulic working for the butt welding of tubes, preferably made of polyethylene or polypropylene, tube external diameter: 75 - 315mm, welding pressure: 460kg max., accessory: electric jigsaw includin...

New: 1980

Innovac GmbH
Automatic Quilting Machine Bullmerwerk LMK 36 S

Placing height: 200mm max., placing width: 0.8m - 1.0m - 1.2m; table width: 1.04m - 1.24m - 1.44m, speed of operation: max. 80m/min, tricot tube plaiting machine for tube width: 130cm, guidance elemen...

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Transformer with distribution station Trafo-Union Tunorma TS 5844 G

Transformer: Trafo-Union Tunorma TS 5844 G, DIN VDE 0532, rated capacity: 630kVA, rated current: 909A, ONAN-cooling, oil weight: 0,38t, 3-phase, 400V/50Hz, circuit breaker: Klöckner-Moeller NZM 12-10...

New: 1988

Innovac GmbH
Strapping Machine Strapex UNIPACK 350.100.001

Package size: upt to 600 x 650mm, strap width: 8, 12, 16mm, welding of the straps under pressure, strap tension: 700N max.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Continuous Painting Line Dürr

With circular conveyor system, cyclic operation, 12 hangers length: 4.5m each., distance between hangers: 2.0m, lifting station for loading and discharging, workpiece weight: 500kg max. per hanger, wo...

New: 1978

Innovac GmbH
Punching and Nibbling Machine Trumpf Trumatic 240

Working range: x-axis: 2000mm, y-axis: 1000mm, angle of rotation (c-axis): 360°, sheet metal thickness: 6.4mm or 1/4 Zoll, punch hole diameter: 76.2mm max., workpiece weight: 100kg max., 10 tool stat...

New: 1989

Innovac GmbH
CNC Lathe Maho Graziano GR500C / MT500C

Swing over bed: 550mm, swing over cross slide: 345mm, distance between centers: 1005mm, x-axis: 300mm, z-axis: 950mm, spindle bore: 86mm, spindkle speed: 20 - 4000r.p.m., turret with 12 tool stations,...

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Paving Stone Production Line Newa Rekers

Bed form size: 1400 x 1100mm, 37 form set ups < 5000 cycles, 1 unit stone antiquer with 2 moduls, Rekers, y.o.m.: 2007, 1 unit circulator, Rekers: vertical, lifting system, 20 levels, storage, packagi...

New: 1990

Innovac GmbH
Carton Packaging Machine 500g Ricciarelli

Incl. punching drawing (format area adjustable). Capacity ca. 1,300kg/hour (= ca. 43 cycles/minute). In 2010 was changed to hot gluing system (Nordson). Folded carton size: 174 x 120 x 30 mm (adjustab...

New: 1969

Innovac GmbH
Air Compressor Mehrer TZW 60

Volume flow: 180m³/h, entry pressure: 1bar, output pressure: 16bar, installed power: 37kW, operating speed: 725rpm, hours in operation: approx. 18000h, application area: beverage industry. There are ...

New: 1988

Innovac GmbH
Ink Jet Printer Videojet 46s

Black printing printer with interface for connecting to a LISEC bending machine type BSV 45. The printer is fully operational, and available immediately.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Steam Generator APROVIS

For exhaust gas - biogas, 2858kg/h, infeed temperature: 480°C, operating temperature: 550°C max., heat exchange surface: 45m². The plant is as new - unused.

New: 2009

Innovac GmbH
Concrete Slab Press Henke SADP 80/600

600to press - hermetic pressing method. Production area 50/50 -1fold, 40/40 und 35/35 -2fold each.

New: 1979

Innovac GmbH
Concrete Slab Press Henke Uni 2000

1000to press. Production area 50/50 -2fold und 35/35 –4fold.

New: 1996

Innovac GmbH
High Capacity Autoleveller Trützschler HSR 1000

Leveler with spectrograph analysis.

New: 2003

Innovac GmbH
Rotogravure Maschine W&H Windmöller & Hölscher Rotiflex 3000

6 Vario printing devices, web width; 1320mm, printing width: 1290mm, print repeat range: 380 - 920mm, winder and rewinder with turret winder, diameter: 1200mm max., 6 zone drying system: heat transfer...

New: 1973

Innovac GmbH
Case Packer with Shrink Wrapper Pester Pewo-Mat 300 SN, Pewo-Therm

Pewo-Mat 300 SN: folding box size: 20 x 15 x 70mm min., 80 x 66 x 230mm max., Pewo-Therm: bundle size: upto 200 x 200 x 300mm.

New: 1983

Innovac GmbH
Chamber Filter Press Häcker 01

Suitable for recycling of waste water of flexo printing presses. Consisting of: chamber filter press with single-acting cylinder, high pressure piston pump, submerged pump, dosing pump, dry doser, pH-...

New: 2004

Innovac GmbH
Steam Turbine 500 kVA Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch CF 5 G

Kühnle, Kopp, Kausch back pressure steam turbine, with Avk generator DKB 80/500-4TS, revoultion 1500 1/min, input steam pressure 42 bar, temperature 400, exhaust pressure 3.5 bar, throughput 2800-480...

New: 1984

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