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Innovac GmbH
Dust Filtration System T.E.T. 60-12N-V-E

Volume flow: 30.000m³/h, max. pressure difference: 520da Pa, max. temperature: 60°C.

New: 1993

Innovac GmbH
Dust Filtration System AVK 1x1-1-35 N

Volume flow: 2000m³/h, max. temperature: 80°C.

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Radial Drilling Machine INVENA FRB 1250

Spindle column distance: 385-1390mm, ground plate dimensions: 1470x810mm, length: 2090mm, width: 820mm, height: 2600mm, weight: 2.4t.

New: 1975

Innovac GmbH
Universal Profile Steel Shear PEDDINGHAUS 210/11

Max. sheet thickness: 11mm, L-form 90/ 45°: 80x8/ 65x7mm, flat/ round/ square: 150x7/ 32/ 30mm, pressing force: 35t, throat depth: 300mm, stroke speed: 42/min, connected load: 1.8kW, length: 1150mm, ...

New: 1964

Innovac GmbH
CNC Machining Center MORI SEIKI MV-65/ 50

X-travel: 1270mm, y-travel: 650mm, z-travel: 650mm, spindle table distance: 200-850mm, table dimensions: 1700x650mm, max. table load: 2t, max. rotational speed: 4000/min, number of tool slots: 30, con...

New: 1987

Innovac GmbH
Glass Washing and Drying Line LISEC

Min. workpiece length: 230mm, including Dryer and Feeding Table LISEC.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Gas Filling Press LENHARDT ZP 1,60 2,50 VR SP G

Max. glass dimensions: 1600x3000mm, max. table load: 1t, max. glass thickness: 15mm, max. unit thickness: 60mm, including tilting table, conveyor and sealing table.

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH

Format: 1l/ 0.5l Euro and NRW/ 0.2l VdF, output: 18,000-27,000 bottles/h, liquid detection, infrared residual liquid detection, bottle base inspection.

New: 1999

Innovac GmbH
Press Brake EHT EHPS 11-20

Working length: 2050mm, pressing force: 1100kN, connected load: 15kW, including accessories.

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Paper Jogger POLAR MOHR RAB 5

Format: 900x1350mm.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Paper Guillotine WOHLENBERG WP 137

Cutting width: 1370mm.

New: 1992

Innovac GmbH

Line includes following elements: (1) CNC Rotary Transfer Machines LINDENMAIER RTM 12 ST/ RTM 2 ST: number of axes: 9, controls: SIEMENS 840 C, year of construction machine 1/ 2: 1996/ 1998, with Comp...

New: 1998

Innovac GmbH
Drum Filter Plant PRÖTT

Volume flow: 60.000m³/h, compressed air consumption: 2m³/h, connected load: 30kW, length: 9000mm, width: 3500mm, height: 3500mm.

New: 1997

Innovac GmbH
Band Saw FORTE Forte 400

Cutting speed: 20-60m/min.

New: 1970

Innovac GmbH

Priduct width: 5400mm, height adjustment needs overhauling.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Universal Profile Steel Shear PEDDINGHAUS 210A/ 13

Workpiece diemnsions: angle steel/ 45°: 110x10/ 90x9mm, T-material/ 45°: 110x10/ 90x9mm, U-steel: 180mm, IPE-steel: 180mm.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Handling System SEPRO ROBOTIQUE PIP 3440 B-V

Stroke: 1800mm, speed: 5m/s, nominal load: 3kg, controls: linear controls PTP, length: 2820mm, width: 1550mm, height: 2430mm, weight: 1.9t.

New: 2005

Innovac GmbH
Plate Shear FASTI TCHE 30/ 4

Pressing force: 40kg/mm², max. sheet width: 3000mm, max. sheet thickness: 4mm, distance between columns: 3050mm, back gauge: 0-1000mm, connected load: 5.5kW, length: 3500mm, width: 2300mm, height: 19...

New: 1977

Innovac GmbH
Vacuum-Dissolver WILHELM NIEMANN V KDV 48-5,4 FU

Capacity: 50l, agitator shaft rotational speed: 300-5000/min, agitator shaft height: 500mm, compressed air supply: 6bar, compressed air consumption: 200l/h, connected load: 8kW, length: 1200mm, width:...

New: 2014

Innovac GmbH
Concentration Plant WIEGANT

Output apple juice: 3300l/h, temperature gradient: 12-72°C, three level, with downflow evaporator and vapor-compression evaporator.

New: unknown

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