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Chamber Furnace GFO

Chamber dimensions: 580x760x1000mm, nominal temperature: 250C, working temperature: 50-250C, extraction output: 3600m/h at 400Pa, heating output: 7.8kW, insulation: 120mm, usable space: 0.45m, ste...

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Innovac GmbH
Linear Folding Machine MLLER & KURTH 176

Working width: 400mm.

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Filling Line TETRA PAK TBA-21 1000B

Output: 7000packages/h, format: 1000ml base without top, number of available filling machines: 2, year of construction machine 1/ 2: 1999/ 2000, operational hours machine 1/ 2: ca. 60000h/ 48000h, a l...

New: 2000

Innovac GmbH
Grinding Machine WASINO GLS-125A

Grinding wheel dimensions: 250x80x125mm, screen dimensions: 535x515mm, working surface dimensions: 280x200mm, table stroke: 250mm, cross stroke: 80mm, rotational speed: 3600/min, motor power: 2.5kW, l...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Surface Grinding Machine ZIERSCH ZT 48

X-travel: 600mm, y-travel: 220mm, grinding area: 400x250mm, table spindle distance: 540mm, magnetic clamping surface: 400x200mm, table load: 250kg, x-travel feed rate: 1000-30000mm/min, y-travel feed ...

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Innovac GmbH
Carton Sealer SOCO T-55

Carton dimensions: 160x95x85-510x510mm, tape overlap: 70mm, tape width: 38-50mm, lateral drive: 50mm, working height: 620-720mm, output: 30cartons/min, tape diameter: 385mm, year of construction: ca. ...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Chamber Filter Press SCHENK KFP 630/60

Plate format: 630x630mm, chamber depth: 30mm, content: 288l, filtration surface: 20m, operational spressure: 15bar, number of plates: 31, plate material: PP, cloth material: PP 5009, model: open filt...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Welding Robot Cell FANUC, EWM, KEMPER

Welding cell includes: (1) Arc Welding Robot FANUC ARC Mate 100iC: number of axis: 6, min. load capacity: 7kg (2) Current Source EWM alpha Q 552: welding current: 5-550A, welding voltage: 14.3-41.5V (...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Wave Soldering System ERSA EWS 330 V005

Working width: 330mm, workpiece weight: 390kg max., exhaust stack diameter: 150mm, exhaust volume: 400-800m/h, operational voltage: 400V, compressed air supply: 6-8bar, connected load: 19.5kW, length...

New: 1995

Innovac GmbH
Chain Welding Machine M R+P KSS8

Link strength: 4-8mm, max. separation: 54mm, output: 40-50links/min, rotational speed: 750/ 1500U/min, motor power: 1.5kW, length: 1750mm, width: 1250mm, height: 2100mm, weight: 2.25t, number of avail...

New: 1967

Innovac GmbH
Chain Welding Machine M R+P KAG

Link strength: 3-6mm, number of available welding machines: 2.

New: 1969

Innovac GmbH
Chain Bending Machine WAFIOS KZ 60

Chain dimensions: 2-7mm, wire strength: 2-6mm, max. feed length: 120mm, max. separation: 42mm, max. width: 24mm, chain steel over/ under 500N/mm: 90/ 100-110links/min, number of available bending mac...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Internal Mixer WERNER & PFLEIDERER GK 100

Mixing chamber capacity: 155l, nominal capacity: 110l, drive power: 250PS, drive shaft rotational speed: 100/min, blade rotational speed: 19.2-22.6/min, stamp pressure: 2kg/m, operational pressure: 8...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Hot Stamping Machines BAIER GEBA 33

Embossing pressure: 100kN, working height: 130mm, ram stroke: 150mm, table dimensions: 520x500/ 350x500mm, max. feed stroke: 999mm, max. foil width: 310mm.

New: 2006

Innovac GmbH
Compressor COMPAIR L90-09A

Volume flow: 14.9m/min, rotational speed: 3000/min, operational pressure: 9bar, motor power: 90kW, weight: 2.38t.

New: 2002

Innovac GmbH
Pneumatic Glass Container Forming Machine EMHART GLASS AIS 6 1/4

Body diameter: 121mm, height under finish: 80-300mm, finish diameter: 48mm, oil pressure: 700kPa, compressed air supply: 310kPa, water supply: 210kPa.

New: 2008

Innovac GmbH
Vertical Machining Centre DECKEL MAHO DMU 60T

X-travel: 630mm, y-travel: 560mm, z-travel: 560mm, feed rate: 20-1000mm/min, x and y-travel rapid traverse: 26m/min, z-travel rapid traverse: 20m/min, setup mode: 20-2000mm/min, clamping surface: 1000...

New: unknown

Innovac GmbH
Injection Moulding Machine ARBURG Allrounder 220-90-350

Screw diameter: 22mm, clamping force: 350kN, injection pressure: 2400bar, injection weight: 32g/PS, heating output: 3.46kW, length: 3310mm, width: 970mm, height: 1500mm, weight: 1.5t.

New: 1984

Innovac GmbH
Cycle Lathe MASTURN EME / MT500 NC

X-travel: 500mm, z-travel: 1000mm, tool mount: Multifix, control: SIEMENS Sinumerik.

New: 2001

Innovac GmbH
Automated Foam Packaging System SEALED AIR Instapak iMold 901

Packaging material: two components liquid foam, length: 1000mm, width: 1170mm, height: 1650mm.

New: 2013

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